Last issue of Islam and Democracy TV program

The second issue in November, 2008 was dedicated to the comparative analysis of Islam in Russia with Azerbaijan. Russia is one of the places where Islam grows at present. According to experts, number of muslims is growing by 4 % annually in Russia. Considering the relations between the two societies and political state the program crew decided to dedicate the next program on Islam in Russia. Potilogist Mr. Teymur Atayev and philosopher researching religious environment in Russia, candidate of philosophical sciencies Mr.Aydin Alizade were invited to the program as expert speakers.

Muslim nations living in Russia, their geography and ongoing social-political state were among the first discussed issues. Muslim nations of Rsussia are mostly Tatars and north caucasian ethnicities. As tatars have been co-living with Russians for centuries their mentalities bear resemblance with Russian an they coexist in agreement. Some siccitizens of Russian descent also adopted Islam. However, most of the increasing number of muslims is comprised of migrant muslims. Some Russian experts think muslim migrants do not undergo assimilation which in turn causes fractions in Russian society. Ayadin A. added that, Tatars have chosen Islam as a major mean to protect themselves from russification and try to develop this factor.

Later on, position of muslims in Russian society and public opinion was discussed. It was noted that, if one christian adopts Islam he may continue working on his post, there is also tolerance in peoples aattitude. T. A. said, there are many islamic organizations and communities in Russia and muslims may comfortably attend prayers. There are mosques in big cities as well as in Moscow.

The relation between muslim and christian cmmunities in Russia was also talked over through the program. T. A. said there are relations between islamic and christian communities; all religious communities particiated together in some events (especiaaly in anti-terror events). Islam centers, newspapers and magazines websites acting in Russia were talked over as well. It was mentioned that, the biggest islam site in Russia is . Even Azerbaijani researchers publish articles on this site.

Moreover, urgency of views exchange between Azerbaijani and Russian theologians, their cooperation was discussed.


Internews Azerbaycan

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